Developing A Family Vision

Before Eric and I were married, we decided we wanted to be very deliberate with our family, our marriage, and our parenting. When we were newlyweds, one of the first things we did as a couple was sit down together and write our family vision. Within our vision, we included the kind of home we wanted, the kind of relationships we hoped our children would have, and the kind of marriage we hoped to have. We wanted a vision that is short and sweet. We wanted something easy for our children to memorize. It was an amazing moment to write it and we both felt very strongly that our vision was God's will for us, that it was scripture for our family.

Why is it important to have a family vision?

A vision provides many great benefits for a family. It can describe the kind of home you desire to have. It can help provide a road-map or compass that will guide the way for your family. It can help establish a moral code. It can establish your family's strong religious beliefs. It can help each member of the family set goals and develop their understanding of their own mission in life. It can establish personal priorities and commitments. It can help establish supportive relationships to develop and maintain a tight knit family.

Since I was a young girl, I always thought about the kind of family that I wanted. I thought about the relationships I wanted with my children and the kind of relationships I hoped they would have with each other. I dreamed of the marriage I would have and the love we would share. When we created our family vision, I hoped it would be a tool we could use to create the family I desired. I wanted our family to be inspired and have hope in our great future.  I wanted our family to have direction and be unified. I wanted them to know that Mom and Dad believe in them.

I firmly believe in the need for strong families, a strong homes, and a strong marriages.  I firmly believe in the need to teach our children purpose. We need to teach them the value of faith and hope. I want them to dream, hope, and plan for a beautiful future and I hope our family vision helps them make that a reality. I want to inspire them to create their own personal vision.  I want them to know that the sky is the limit if they put their mind to something, work hard, show great character and always have a personal relationship with God.

Using A Family Vision

Our vision is recited in our home every weekday during our morning devotional at the beginning of our school day. It is recited at every family council and we are going to start reciting it at every family home evening.  As my children have started to get a bit older, I see the impact that this vision has been for our family.  As we read it, we stop and discuss it.  We ask each child if it is the kind of home they personally want-and they definitely do. They have even suggested things to add to the vision.  Their involvement really allows them to connect with it, own it, and strive to live by our family standard.

Checketts Family Vision    

   A home that is a refuge from the world, even a home to which people find themselves drawn.  

   A home where love is felt and where brothers and sisters treat each other with love, respect, and admiration.

A marriage founded upon love, respect, and trust, where each guides the other, through service, back to Heavenly Father and into exaltation. 

  Our kids are normal kids, though; there is frequently contention and they don't always get along, but I remind them of the family we want to have.  I ask them if the way they are treating each other is in-line with our vision.  Just yesterday during our family council, we discussed our vision again because a couple children were not treating younger siblings as kind as they should.  My daughter Kylee was one of my children that we needed to discuss this with.  She is my middle child and wants to play more with her older brother and sister and not as much with the "babies" (as she calls them).  She is at an age where she just wants to be "big".  She especially isn't wanting to play with her younger sister, Liberty, who is 4.

We discussed this and I gave them a visual. I made a fist and held it up and said, "this is our family vision".  Then with my other hand, I pointed lower and said, "This is us here.  We are trying to get up here to our vision.  We need, and we have the ability, to make choices that are in-line with our vision." Then with my finger I made a straight line from where it was, to my fist and said, "when you get mad at someone or you don't want to play, I would like you to stop and ask yourself if that choice makes a straight line to our vision.  If it does, then make the choice.  If it doesn't, then choose an action that will make a straight line to our vision." This visual was very helpful for Kylee and our other children.

Stay tuned to our post where I will discuss the steps for "Developing A Family Vision"

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