The Great Eight: Pillars of a Righteous Life

One of my favorite quotes is, "Be brilliant at the basics." I think many of us, myself included, complicate living the gospel.  I tend to think I need to be better at this, better at that, and then I feel overwhelmed and sometimes discouraged.  I think I just want to be better at everything all at once. When I first heard this quote, I thought about the simplicity of it and how it held so much truth. Perfection just doesn't happen overnight as I wish it would, but if we focus on doing certain small and simple things, I think we will progress and gradually become who we truly are inside.

From the time I was a very young girl, I knew deep inside the importance of the basics.  My mom was a shining example to me of focusing on the basics. I remember my mom was so diligent in gathering us for family scriptures.  I'm sure she felt like we weren't listening, but I really was. I remember her teaching me to pray.  I remember she would speak specifically about each member of our family and talk to Heavenly Father about each person's needs and struggles. As a child I felt her prayers were forever long and I regularly asked if I could say the prayer so it would be short, sweet, and so my legs wouldn't fall asleep.

Ultimately, my mother's prayers taught me so much that I have always held in my heart.  She has a pure love of the Lord and is dedicated to Him.  She taught me the value of a mother showing children that she is praying for each one of them individually. This is something children need to see and hear.  I always knew my mom cared so much for me and about all of my struggles and triumphs.  I always saw her faith and hope for our future.

I also remember always wanting to do family home evening. I remember going to church and asking my teacher if I could have any of the visuals that she had prepared for her lesson.  I would take them home and be determined that our family was going to have that same lesson the next night in family home evening.

I carried this same passion into adulthood and have developed a list of habits that have blessed my family as we strive to develop the feeling in our home that we hope for. This list of habits consists of eight basic steps that we call The Great Eight. Serving as pillars of righteousness, these steps help me honor my three most important responsibilities: first, maintaining a strong marriage, second, teaching and helping my children to gain a deep testimony of Jesus Christ, and third, third, helping me strengthen my own testimony of the Savior.  I truly believe that if we are "brilliant at the basics" we will have a fulfilling life and find complete joy.

The Great Eight

Personal Prayer

Personal Scriptures

Family Prayer

Family Scriptures

Family Home Evening

Temple Attendance

Have Faith

While partaking of the Sacrament weekly at Church, repent and choose one thing to improve on during the following week

Editor Note:  Please click on the links to wonderful articles that will give you more insight into each of these eight pillars of a righteous life. They will increase your desire to more fully utilize these eight principles in your life.

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